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Bonoloto now available from everywhere

How to play BonoLoto online

Playing BonoLoto is easier than you might think. All you have to do is know where to get started and where to purchase your tickets. And the best place that you can do exactly that is with us, and a few simple steps.

Our system makes sure that you are being taken care of all the way from beginning to end. All you need to do is set up a completely free account and you’re on your way. You’ll be able to choose from all of the different lotto games we have available and choose the tickets and specific numbers that you want. Then you can pay with your preferred payment method and you’re done.

All you need to do is take a look at the different lotto games we have available and select the correct one (BonoLoto). From there, you pick out the numbers that you want to play. If you pick too many or too few it doesn’t matter, our system will alert you just what you need to do so you can correct your ticket. Or you can choose to let the computer randomly assign you numbers.

Once you’ve got the tickets you want for BonoLoto you can choose to add on tickets from other games as well. It’s going to be super simple and it only takes a few minutes. You wait for your verification email to come through in the email you provide to us, and you click the link. That’s all it takes and your account is going to be set up. That way, you can keep buying tickets.

Make sure to watch for the verification link in your regular email inbox as well as your spam folder just to be sure. If we aren’t in your address book you may not see the email in your regular account folder.
Bono Lotto

About BonoLoto

    • Country: Spain
    • Main numbers range: 49
    • You have to select: 6
    • Days, hours of draws: daily except Sundays, 21:30 CET – 21:30 CET
    • Jackpot starts at: €400.000
    • Jackpot is capped at: none
    • Chance to win the jackpot: 1 in 13983816
    • Chance to win second prize: 1 in 2330636
    • Chance to win any prize: 1 in 8,43
    • Number of prize categories: 6

Best features of BonoLoto

BonoLoto has been around for quite a while, and it’s given out a whole lot of prizes during that time. Even better, it has four different drawings every week and was originally created to be an affordable option. It still is and you can win a share of 55% of the income in total prizes.

How to check the BonoLoto resultsplay bonoloto online

Are you ready to see what the winning numbers are for BonoLoto? Well, it’s actually quite simple because all you have to do is go to the BonoLoto official website. Or you can choose to check out your local papers and tv stations. These places all report the winning numbers.
But the best place to go is definitely the place you bought your ticket, which is right here. You’ll be able to see the winning numbers as well as your own numbers and how they compare. That way, you can see your winnings immediately as well.

You played BonoLoto online and won – what happens next?

  • If you win less than €2500 you don’t have to do a thing. That’s because we claim the money for you and deposit it directly into your account. It will be there for you to use however and whenever you want. Or you can withdraw it to your regular bank account if you have at least €10.
  • If you’ve won over €2500 you’re going to have to wait to hear from our support team because there’s a little more involved for you to get your winnings. Luckily, we help you with the process and get you started right away so you can have your money sent by check or directly to your account.

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