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El Gordo winning numbers | El Gordo draw results and prizes

We know that we offer a whole bunch of different international lotteries and it can get a little confusing trying to figure out the winning numbers. Many people look in the newspaper to find winning numbers for their favorite games, but unless you live in the area finding the numbers for El Gordo can be difficult. The same is true of trying to watch the drawing or see the winning numbers on TV.

Another option is to look at the official website for El Gordo and see if they offer a live stream of the drawing process. For those games that do, this can be a fun and interesting opportunity for anyone.

But there are a lot of games that don’t actually offer this. Instead, you would have to wait until the drawing is over and everything has been reported to see the results.
Finally, if the drawing is already over you may be able to go to YouTube and find the El Gordo draw there. But this is another area where you may not be successful. There may not be anything available for your drawing.
el gordo
One of the best and easiest ways to find the winning numbers, however, is with our website. Check our winning numbers and results pages to find the results for El Gordo and any other lottery game that we have available.

How to find out if your online ticket has wonEl Gordo results

The even better part is that you don’t even have to go to the lottery results page. You can go directly to your account if you’ve purchased tickets. From there, you’ll be able to see not only the winning numbers but how your numbers line up. You can see the numbers compared and then you can see which one’s match and how much you’ve actually won. If you’ve won less than €2500 you don’t even have to do anything because the winnings will be right in your account.

El Gordo results archive

If you want to look up old numbers and see what they were you can easily do this as well. In fact, any page on our website where you can see the latest El Gordo results will also let you check some of the older numbers as well. This makes it easier for you to figure out which numbers you want to play the next time around.

My ticket has won, what happens next?

If you win you’ll have an easy time getting your money because we deposit it directly into your account as soon as the results are certified. If it’s less than €2500 you’ll have the money that fast. Then, if it’s over €10, you can withdraw the money to your account.
Or you can leave the money in your player account and use it to purchase even more tickets for additional games. Just keep in mind that withdrawing your money will require some documentation to comply with federal regulations. You also need to use a method that you’ve already used for a deposit.